The video project En+Theos is based on the collection of the eponymous poems I published in 2017. The idea for the video came from wanting to explore what could come out of transferring and blending one medium to another. The poems written in English and Portuguese, my mother tongue, are read chronologically and are given a voice and a body. It immediately imposes a character and an unperfected fluidity of sounds. The viewer finds themselves in the confusion of an organized cacophony, an obliged bi-lingual experience.

The scenario was made by artist Júlia Brandão. We spent around a month in dialogue on how to add a new medium to the play. Composition, colors and forms were defined for each group of poems becoming temporal sculptures that play with classical still life and domesticity. Júlia was able to use her set of physical vocabulary to create an unique visual reading of the poems. Although we had an idea of what it would be, the scenes would be in constant flux. Her work ends up functioning as a performative aspect in the video.